Ringaround Location is a location agency based in Milan and represents locations across Italy and abroad.  It offers a vast location archive  that includes thousands and thousands of location images collected  over 20 years, making it one of the largest archives in Italy.  it’s possible to find any type  of  residential  property : antique  and  modern villas,  castles, modern and classic apartments, lofts, open spaces, swimming pools, country houses, offices  and more.

All our locations have been checked to make sure that they meet our requirements  and are of the necessary  standard  for your  photo  shoot, TV commercial or event.

If you’re looking for a special location  which isn’t available in our archive, we can provide a location scouting service based on a specific request.

Apart from private properties, our location library also includes many public areas: roads, towns, cityscapes, landscapes, villages, industrial areas and more.

Various examples of locations can be viewed on our website, for further proposals please contact us with your request.