Location Scouting

Why Italy? Let us provide you with a few answers below…

Italy has no equal in the world in terms of diversity of locations. Not just what you might call an “interesting opinion” but in fact, an objective view: here you can find breathtaking rolling hills and valleys, 9000 km of rocky and sandy beaches, rivers, plateaus, beautiful woods, picturesque lakes, volcanoes, the highest mountains in Europe, glaciers, vineyards and olive groves, wheat fields, rice fields, national parks teeming with wildlife, small deserts, vast expanses of sand dunes, gorges and unexpected canyons. There are also islands which are diverse in shape, size and territory, not to mention the historic UNESCO heritage! Italy holds a vast majority of the world’s treasures.

Due to Italy’s relatively small dimensions, all locations can be easily reached within a reasonable time frame. Remarkable changes of scenery in the space of only a few kilometers offer the chance to shoot a variety of locations within the same day.

As well as finding your location we can co-ordinate crew, equipment, catering, prop hire & travel logistics etc… We are able to scout all our locations with a drone which takes high resolution photos and video. This is ideal if you are planning to shoot on different types of roads, or if you need to shoot in remote locations.

We have decades of experience across all levels of photographic production in Italy and abroad, but Italy is where we want to take you… Italy has it all!