Ringaround Location

& Production

We are a team with long term experience; we take care of co-ordinating photographic productions and have created a vast archive of private and non-private locations. Our experience has many different facets, but always centred in the same field: in advertising agencies, in production companies, in two famous photo agent studios, working mostly with foreign photographers, for whom production management jobs were organised both in Italy and abroad. All this over more than 20 years! In 1997 we created RINGAROUND PRODUCTION & LOCATION. The LOCATION part of the business has grown into one of the biggest private location companies in Italy. At the same time, we continue to support our Italian and foreign clients in the organisation of their productions. For the last 24 years, all this experience has helped us to offer our customers a serious and professional service on a daily basis, also due to the different roles covered; producer, location manager, location finder and casting director.